Cauliflower With Black Chana

Generally we make cauliflower with green peas or potatoes. If you want to add some protein, add boiled kala Chana. Combination tasted good and will keep me full for a while. I like to add generous amt of cilantro.

Yesterday I attended communication workshop and learned few interesting things. 1 of the exercises we did was tell / describe yourself in 3 words to the person sitting next to you. And other person should be able to retain those 3 words . Think of the 3 words you will use.

When we use all generic things like knowledgeable, truthful, handy, kind etc etc.. they are just too generic and not much of use to other ppl. So it has to be unique abt yourself . We all are unique and we should know our uniqueness and how to use it.

1 of the thing I said abt myself was Ayurvedic cook and that person wanted to know more abt Ayurvedic cooking. Isn’t that interesting? Yes , Ayurvedic cook is 2 words but it did the job of introducing myself to a stranger in unique way.

Your turn, think abt it and do it with your friends and families.


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