PadMan Challenge

There’s a Bollywood movie releasing named PadMan on Friday which is around periods and pads. As part of movie promotion and educating ppl , team is asking , tagging celebrities to post a picture with pad in hand. Am no celebrity and not tagged but I thought it was a good cause and so doing my part here.

Reason in India, still in many rural places women do not have access to sanitary pads or they might be too expensive for them. And they use tree leaves , old clothes and what not. So with this movie, ppl are distributing pads free, educating everyone abt periods and how pads are absolutely necessary.

I do not know abt other country but in India there’s still lot of misconception around periods. Like you don’t touch anything related to prayer items, and/or lot of other things. In olden times, women were doing lot of hard work like carrying pots of water from miles, going to some lake to wash clothes, work on a farm. And so it made sense to give them off for 4 days during period and let them rest.

Are things same now a days ? We are so brainwashed that if you don’t follow those things , one starts feeling guilty and will be under fear of bad things happening to them.

Whatever we follow , we should pose and think if it makes sense for us now instead of blindly following.

Do Share your views !

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