Cauliflower With Black Chana

Generally we make cauliflower with green peas or potatoes. If you want to add some protein, add boiled kala Chana. Combination tasted good and will keep me full for a while. I like to add generous amt of cilantro.

Yesterday I attended communication workshop and learned few interesting things. 1 of the exercises we did was tell / describe yourself in 3 words to the person sitting next to you. And other person should be able to retain those 3 words . Think of the 3 words you will use.

When we use all generic things like knowledgeable, truthful, handy, kind etc etc.. they are just too generic and not much of use to other ppl. So it has to be unique abt yourself . We all are unique and we should know our uniqueness and how to use it.

1 of the thing I said abt myself was Ayurvedic cook and that person wanted to know more abt Ayurvedic cooking. Isn’t that interesting? Yes , Ayurvedic cook is 2 words but it did the job of introducing myself to a stranger in unique way.

Your turn, think abt it and do it with your friends and families.


Hot Water With Lemon

Most of the people have digestion issues now a days. Thanks to our life style. But we can do some simple things. Some of the restaurants offer hot water and lemon. Take advantage of it. Hot water with lemon helps digestion. It helps when you eat big meal at restaurant. Even at home when your digestion needs little help due to heavy meal , or cloudy rainy days when digestion is week.

It’s very simple to make . Heat water in a pot. Pour hot water in a mug and add a slice of lemon. Now sip it. Refrain from adding anything else. No honey either.

See how you feel .


Pineapple Ginger Juice

Pineapple at near buy store keeps coming on sale and I have to buy them when am tired of apples, oranges , grapes etc. yes, it’s little hard to cut but it’s totally worth it and we can do now and then. You can cut it up and store in fridge and you can make so many exotic dishes all week. Store in glass container. Like pineapple quinoa, fried rice , pineapple oat or just have a slice after meal and will help digest food. I do not add yogurt or dairy milk to pineapple.

I had one big slice left and for a change made juice . It’s easy and delicious.

Chop pineapple and take a small piece of ginger. Remove the skin from ginger . Blend it all together with little water. Strain and drink it. Try not to gulp it all in 1 sip like me.

No need to add extra sugar , honey or anything. If not ginger, you can add cardamom too.

Pineapple is acidic and rich in enzymes. I eat with or after meal only. And eat , drink in moderation like 1 slice or small glass of juice. Pregnant women in India are advised not to eat pineapple and papaya since they are considered heating food. If women eat pineapple, papaya on empty stomach, good chance your cycle will start. Yep, speaking from experience.


Pad Thai

At restaurant, whenever I order pad Thai , I ask for more veggies but it comes with just more tofu and I always find it too sweet and oily. So finally took the matter in my hand. Well actually, accidentally I saw pad Thai recipe on Indian channel and so thought of making it.

It’s more of preparation and actual cooking time is very less

  • Cook or soak pad Thai noodles according to pkg. it takes around 30 mins so don’t wait until meal time.
  • Keep sauce ready in advance too. I made with soya sauce, tamarind paste, vinegar, raw sugar , red chili powder and crushed garlic. Pad Thai is sweet , sour and spicy so adjust the sauce accordingly.
  • Chop veggies like green onion, broccoli bok choy , colored peppers, Julianne carrot. Wash sprouts and keep them ready. Don’t be skimpy with vegetables.
  • Cut tofu in bite size and sauté in oil just like paneer. Season with salt and crushed pepper.
  • Not put your chef hat on .:-) Heat olive oil or sesame oil. Sauté all veggies on high heat for few minutes. Keep them crunchy.
  • Add tofu and half of sauce.
  • Add noodle and add rest of the sauce. You can add some chili garlic sauce.
  • Garnish with green onion and crushed roasted peanuts.
  • Turned out good. It wasn’t like restaurant so don’t compare. I liked that it was less sweet and oily. And I got lots of veggies in it. Good to take left over for lunch.
  • Vegetables are lightly cooked so they retain nutrients which I like.
  • What are you waiting for ? Put ingredients on grocery list and go shopping.
  • Enjoy!

Let’s Make Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are very popular right now. Do you know they are so easy to make? I have been looking to buy for a while but never found one that matched my criteria. Yday I did find 1 I liked but then I didn’t pick right away and then forgot abt it until I came home. Everything happens for a reason.

Today I saw YouTube video on how to make it and it is super easy so I decided to make myself. I found white embroidery thread at home and just had to buy those earring hooks. And it took hardly 5 mins to make them.

You might think, what’s the big deal? Yes there’s no big deal and anyone can make it. Deal is to do it. Why do you want to do it? Satisfaction, pleasure it gives is priceless. Hobbies like this helps improve concentration, one learns to have patience. You can make few and gift to friends. As you go around wearing them , ppl will complement you. It’s totally worth to spend little money and time on hobbies and teach kids too.

Check few YouTube videos and make yourself few. I am also going back to make with other colors.