What am I doing for flu season ?

Flu season is bad this year and it’s all over in the news. Besides usual advice everywhere we see, this is what I am including in diet. I am no authority if this measure works or not but it makes me feel better that am taking steps.

  • Include coconut butter in diet. Spread on bread or roti, rotla whatever you eat. 
  • Cook with coconut oil. Roasted sweet potatoe wedges with coconut oil as seen in the picture.Yummy ! Coconut oil, butter is anti bacterial, anti viral due to its Laurie acid content.
  • Add fresh garlic in cooking. I like to add raw garlic to chutneys. 
  • Drink enough water. 
  • Eat some vitamin c rich food everyday.
  • Limit or stop eating all sugar loaded stuff.

Stay warm and enjoy!



Yoga meaning union. Union of day and night, good and bad , likes and dislikes. Yoga poses or asanas are just 1 part of it. Everything is physical mostly for us so starting with postures help us learn to observe starting from our body. 

I hear ppl saying yoga is for flexible ppl. One becomes flexible after starting the practice. If not asanas , one can adapt mental flexibility. For example, you might end up at a place you don’t like and there’s no way out so what do you do? Complain , get angry , fight around or learn to adjust and see how can you make it joyful . Sometimes there are no choices and one has to learn to adapt.

Bottom line , just wanted to show off some of my recent yoga pose pictures.:-)


Protein Packed Breakfast 

It’s so cold here and I know many of the places around the world. We all are trying to bundle up and go to work . You know we pay money for adventures, and sometimes we can do adventure right at home.Going to work in this cold freezing weather itself is an adventure. This hearty breakfast will help according to me surviving this bitter cold. I like to have more protein in winter. Naturally you are tempted to eat more beans , lentils if you are vegetarian. Who wants lemonade or watermelon in winter ? Not me. Hot cup of Lemon water.. sure.

Ok, so recipe is awesome and if you check video by vah re vah chef , you will enjoy more . Here’s the link:

This is how I made it:

  • Soak whole mung overnight. Everything is available every where now a days and mung is even available on Amazon. Or visit Indian store, Asian market, world markets. 
  • Blend mung beans with ginger , garlic , chili. Everything is optional. If you don’t like spices, just add salt only. Add pinch of turmeric again optional but I know many ppl are trying to add turmeric in the diet for all its wonderful benefits so kill 1 more bird at the same time.
  • Now chop some onion, cilantro , bell pepper, ginger and add  salt. You can add any veggies you like but chop them fine or shredd.
  • Now the fun part . Keep an egg handy.
  • Heat a skillet and spread some coconut oil or olive oil.
  • Spread mung dal mixture like pancake.
  • Crack open an egg and spread on pancake or dosa , Chila whatever u call it.
  • Sprinkle black pepper powder.
  • Now add your veggie mix.
  • Cover and cook for few mins. 
  • Turn and cook again. Cook it well and this will take some time to cook.
  • Isn’t that simple and rich with protein? Mung beans and egg both has good protein.
  • Enjoy with ketchup. I didn’t had any. 
  • Do watch video , you will love it.
  • Enjoy cold, freezing days. 
  • By the way , winter is a good time for meditation.
  • Enjoy !