Sprout Season

Found this tree in backyards already sprouting. Isn’t it amazing ? Like red threads are coming out. Spring will be here soon and so does allergy. We will need to change our eating habits too. I have done a post earlier on spring but we forget things and so good time to remind us and that includes myself too.

As everything is sprouting, waking up from long winter, we humans should follow same to stay in harmony with nature. 

  • Eat sprouts. Mung bean, Black Chana , moth beans all you can sprout at home easily.
  • Green is the color of spring and so eat all greens. They are so cheap in spring anyways. Spinach, kale,  chard, methi so many options. Buy fresh .
  • Brussel sprout has sprout in its name too.
  • Beetroot, radish.
  • Green onion , green garlic. You can plant some garlic in a pot now and it will be ready to eat in spring.
  • Add some bitter flavor in diet
  • Do a spring cleaning of your home. Am talking abt our body. 🙂 Yes, you can clean house too.
  • People with allergy should put a drop of good quality sesame oil in both nostrils. This is Ayurvedic remedy. 


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