What am I doing for flu season ?

Flu season is bad this year and it’s all over in the news. Besides usual advice everywhere we see, this is what I am including in diet. I am no authority if this measure works or not but it makes me feel better that am taking steps.

  • Include coconut butter in diet. Spread on bread or roti, rotla whatever you eat. 
  • Cook with coconut oil. Roasted sweet potatoe wedges with coconut oil as seen in the picture.Yummy ! Coconut oil, butter is anti bacterial, anti viral due to its Laurie acid content.
  • Add fresh garlic in cooking. I like to add raw garlic to chutneys. 
  • Drink enough water. 
  • Eat some vitamin c rich food everyday.
  • Limit or stop eating all sugar loaded stuff.

Stay warm and enjoy!

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