Sunset Pictures Around World

Do you consider yourself visitor on earth? I do and so interested in everything earth has to offer. We are so busy complaining, crying abt stupid thugs that we forget to enjoy. Miracles are all around us. I just got up to switch off stove and glanced outside thro’ glass door and was taken back seeing pretty sky that I quickly went out to take pictures even though it was cold and stood there just amazed.

Thought of compiling few of the sunset pictures I have .

Starting with sunset view just from home.

Ottawa , Canada

Next 2 at Dandi , India where Mahatma Gandhi did salt March.

Livingston’s, Zambia over Zambezi river.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Dubai Dessert


Looking Back At FB Wall

Sometimes it’s fun to look back and see how much we have grown in life. Age , size wise and what else.

I looked at all the pictures I had posted on fb since 2010 and seems that’s when I first had joined FB. I remember in those days that I had nothing to post and everyone was posting their vacation pictures which I had none at that time. But I wanted to make my space on fb and didn’t want to be just silent observer or just share materials and quotes that goes around . My fb Wall should be abt me and can’t be all just shares.

Of course I made my fb space fun for me and lot of friends have told me they love the pictures I post and they get inspired . Since justlunchideas happened , have shared lot of things here too.

I do have 1 complain though that I hardly receive comments, like here and so don’t know if I have good reader base here. Oh well… I enjoy writing my thoughts here .

So , what did I find on my fb timeline that I myself enjoyed ?

  • Experiencing China, climbing Great Wall of China , Yoga at Mount Everest base camp Tibet.
  • Learning Ayurveda , sharing yoga and Ayurveda not only around USA , but in India and Canada .
  • Justlunchideas happened and can’t believe it’s been 5 years.
  • Reconnecting with school and college friends and exploring with them.
  • Learned to hike and drive to mountain by myself. Sometimes gps don’t work in mountains .
  • Dubai safari to visited 5000 year old temples in south India.
  • Sky diving .
  • Most recent Africa trip. Safari to Victoria fall to Cape Town.

These are just the big items but looking back made me happy. Our life should consist of what makes us happy.

Picture is of me at Great Wall of China and doing sun salutation at mt Everest base camp.

Enjoy !

Sprout Season

Found this tree in backyards already sprouting. Isn’t it amazing ? Like red threads are coming out. Spring will be here soon and so does allergy. We will need to change our eating habits too. I have done a post earlier on spring but we forget things and so good time to remind us and that includes myself too.

As everything is sprouting, waking up from long winter, we humans should follow same to stay in harmony with nature. 

  • Eat sprouts. Mung bean, Black Chana , moth beans all you can sprout at home easily.
  • Green is the color of spring and so eat all greens. They are so cheap in spring anyways. Spinach, kale,  chard, methi so many options. Buy fresh .
  • Brussel sprout has sprout in its name too.
  • Beetroot, radish.
  • Green onion , green garlic. You can plant some garlic in a pot now and it will be ready to eat in spring.
  • Add some bitter flavor in diet
  • Do a spring cleaning of your home. Am talking abt our body. 🙂 Yes, you can clean house too.
  • People with allergy should put a drop of good quality sesame oil in both nostrils. This is Ayurvedic remedy. 


Hike After Snow

Have been ogling at all trekking pictures of northern India for sometime where ppl are walking surrounded by snow and sun is brightly shining.

I love to go to mountains and if I don’t go for a while, makes me restless. Due to extreme cold weather , snow I haven’t gone for a while. Today weather was warm and so I had to go. To my surprise, there was snow all around and it made hike gorgeous. Some places, steps were slippery and had to be extra careful which made it so much more adventurous. Alright only little bit may be.

This was crowders mountain , N.C. in case anyone interested.Here’s the park website:

Enjoy pictures !

Snow Day Bird Photography 

It’s snowing here today and so get to work from home. It looks very pretty outside and saw birds flying around. I do not have any fancy camera but cannon point and shoot with good zoom which I had bought for my African safari. 

Tried with just that camera and it’s hard to capture them. So what I learned is that bird photography needs patience and concentration. It was fun to capture birds . My back started hurting , I had to hold my breath so that my hand stays steady what not.

Try it out and see what you learn.

If anyone of my Indian friends reading who are Yash chopra fans, go out and take picture Yash Chopra style.

Enjoy !