Apple Raisin Oatmeal

On a cold morning, you want hot piping breakfast, isn’t it? Here’s an idea with oatmeal. I buy plain oatmeal and so can do different things with it.

Mix oatmeal with water and boil it. 

  • Add chopped apple.
  • Add walnut and raisins.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon powder.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • And and coconut butter at the end.
  • Sounds yummy, taste yum too.
  • Mild Sweetness comes from apple and raisin.

Enjoy cold morning !

Merry Christmas 

Did you give yourself a gift? Air , water , space are some of the spacious gifts you can give to yourself.

Air – no life without air/breath. And it’s free. 

Clean water – Our body is what 70% water ? Each and every cell needs water to function.

Space – If we look around at universe , what do we see most? Space . Give yourself space to grow. 

And good wholesome food consisting of lightly cooked vegetables, seeds , nuts etc.

Merry Christmas!

Ragi Dosa (Rice free)

Made Ragi dosa from the same batter of Ragi Idli I posted earlier today and they turned out pretty good. When you make something new like this Ragi Idli , Dosa don’t compare with rice Idli, Dosa. Ragi Idli , Dosa will taste different. Comparison is what get us in trouble many times . Everyone and everything is unique and don’t try to be like something else or someone else . Find your uniqness and see how life unfolds. 

Made sambhar with drumstick and radish. Then at the end added some cauliflower florets and it made fiber rich , filling sambhar.

Enjoy Ragi Idli, Dosa !

Ragi Idli (Rice Free)

Most of the variation Idli recipes I have seen are just adding millet or some other flour little bit. I wanted to make totally rice free. And I am happy with this one. 

I soaked 1 cup Urad dal with few Methi seeds for 4 -5 hrs. Grind it and then added Ragi flour little by little and keep mixing so no lumps are formed. Added around 1.5 cup of Ragi flour. Let it ferment as usual and make idlis.

It will taste good with sambhar and tomato chutney . Since Ragi has very earthy flavor, you need sour, spicy to go with it.

Ragi is rich in calcium and minerals . 


Eliminating Wheat  Experiment

Hearing , reading lot abt how wheat had been genetically modified over the years and causing problems to lot of ppl. The only way to discover anything out is put into practice and see. Everyone is different and ppl with strong digestion should not have any problem with wheat. But most of our digestion due to our life style , age is compromised.

Let me confess that I didn’t eliminate wheat totally but I reduced consumption like 80-90%. I am used to having Indian roti made of wheat for dinner or lunch many days. It’s been few weeks and I don’t remember when I made it last. Have been making roti using pearl Millet Flour (Bajra), Buckwheat, corn flour. In picture, made Bajra rotla spread with little coconut oil, black eye peas curry and some salad. Kind of village food. Very earthen. Isn’t it?

Alright so did I see any difference? Tummy feels lighter most imp. And got little flatter tummy. I won’t go into weight loss because that’s relative.

If your diet is heavy on wheat and wheat products, all purpose flour, pasta , bread then try to give up for a month and see what it does to you.

I am planning to continue with my new diet for now. And eat wheat products just now and then and not everyday.