Ottawa, Canada Travel

Bonus picture: My Ottawa friend , host showing how to get fall picture. 

Traveling seems to have become new interest. It opens you to so many new things, experiences. I am more of a comfort person and traveling meaning let go of all those comforts. You might get at some places and have to let go at other places. 

Ottawa is very pretty and I enjoyed my short stay there . Friend and I took a train from Toronto to Ottawa. Train was good and since it was fall time , we got to see some nice fall colors and small towns along the way.

Lot of things there in Ottawa to do. Mountains for hikers , many museums, Parliament House that you can go inside but it’s closing next year so I made just in time, ByWard market. Since I had a friend  in Ottawa , got to see real Ottawa. Whenever there’s a local person to show you around , grab the opportunity. That way you see , experience more than just touristy things.

Few pictures of Ottawa for you all to enjoy!

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