Nepali Buckwheat Roti

If you are regular readers of this space then you know I like to take a break from wheat and rice which is so heavily used in Indian cooking . That doesn’t mean use all purpose flour or other wheat and rice products .  Recently I purchased kuttu or Buckwheat flour. Never had it before but it seems some places in India uses it during navratri.

I made roti one day just the way we make wheat roti. You can roll it and not as hard as amaranth/rajgira. But you will have to keep little thick. Oh and it’s gluten free if you are trying to go gluten free.

I liked Nepali way of making it. Had no clue Nepal use Buckwheat to make roti and Buckwheat is grown there in cold climate. And it’s warming , heating in nature so it’s good to eat in cold winter here too.

Roti is so easy to make it. Mix Buckwheat flour with water while stirring continuously. Should be like pancake batter. Heat non stick pan, spread a little oil and pour batter. Turn your skillet around so that batter spread. You won’t be able to spread with spoon.  Cook both side. 

You can add some spices , cilantro if you like in batter. Eat with some nice spicy curry. 

What does it taste like? It taste like Buckwheat. Don’t try to compare and save yourself from some troubles. Anything new we need to try at least 4-5 times before we start liking it.

If you never had Buckwheat before , try it out at least as an experiment. May be it will lead you to Nepal travel. Now that sounds exciting, isn’t it?


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