Diwali Dhamaka

Is everyone in Diwali mode ? Diwali is a Festival of Lights so we should lighten ourselves. Turn the light on. Right ? Hosted a Diwali dhamaka last night with my yoga friends. Theme was explore another state , culture different from your home state. In India we have so many cultural varieties. Each state has difficulty dresses, food etc. Unity in diversity.

Dhamaka turned out real Dhamaka . We had Kashmir, Marathi , Punjabi, Gujarati, angel also descended. We danced on “bumro bumro ” song , did Bhangra , garba what not. Everyone had fun.

I did Bengal and wore Bengali style saree. Made shukto, cholar dal, bhap doi. We did hula huli.

We had fun while learning new things , explored new unknown territory . It was a thought that everyone picked up on and made into  fun filled evening.

Also I did yoga demo for aches and pain at my company’s Diwali festival. So that was good karma along with my own learning. Few ppl from audience tried movements since they were so simple. Anything we do is first our own learning. Am learning to go on stage , do a demo , speak while am doing it. For me , it’s an opportunity that came my way and so I just do it . Many times I see ppl don’t grab opportunities that comes their way and let it go saying not now, or too busy what not. Anyone who wants to do things, live life there’s so much happening everywhere. 

Happy Diwali !

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