Rajgira Halwa in Coconut Oil

It’s important to rationalize age old traditions and see what works in today’s life. We benefit more when we make some positive changes into old if that agrees with you. If not , that’s ok too. So one of the change I made this navratri is use coconut oil. I made samo rice , rajgira roti with coconut oil. I have seen many rajgira shira recipe and wanted to taste so I decided to try it out. I eat only 1 thing in dinner but today i excused myself.

Recipe is everywhere on net and so I don’t want to repeat it. Only change I made was use coconut oil. Oh and I use organic raw sugar. Good quality coconut oil. Rajgira(Amranth) is alkaline and has good nutrition, high in protein. If you make shira, halwa for kids then use rajgira, singora like  vrat flours since they are nutritious and try to find good quality.

As you fast, observe.


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