Navratri 2017  – Day 2

First let me tell you what happened on Day 1 of navratri. I had no clue navratri was starting on Thursday. For whatever reason I was thinking it was starting Monday. So Thursday morning when I saw happy navratri everywhere on fb , I thought people just can’t wait. My day went as usual at work and then we went out from work to celebrate coworker’s upcoming wedding and I had crab dip thinking it’s cheese dip. Friend saw me eating and she came running , hey what r u eating ? Oops. I had only 1 chip. But it’s ok. Then come home and at night I was watching KBC 9 on tv and there too Amitabh talked abt women , mother etc . Then in 1 long shot, I saw big decorations which looked like navratri decor. I suspected myself and googled. Oh no… it started today. 

Now late at night , I had to come up with my plan of action immediately. There’s good food I had cooked in fridge. Do I have any fruits ? Anything I can eat next day? I quickly freezed what I could and threw away some. I gobbled some sweet. Ha.. ha. 

But next morning which was yday I started my fast and today I felt my skin looking radiant so I am posting my picture. You won’t know what it looked before but it’s  what I see , how I feel.

Life sometimes catches you off guard and you have to come up with action plan in no time. There’s a saying in my language which means “whenever you wake up, it’s morning.” So no excuses and start your life whenever you realize . First sutra  of Patanjali’s yoga is “and now the systamatic study of yoga starts.” Now is imp here . Not old age , not young age , not tomorrow, not yday it’s “NOW”.

Happy fasting , feasting, garba !!!

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