Preparing For Adversity 

Is hurricane Irma coming your way ? Or it’s already there? It will reach our area Monday and it’s gonna be windy and rain here. Of course we need to prepare. Removing  all things from deck so nothing will fly off and hit anything , anyone. What abt food in case we lose power? Here’s my ideas if you want to think outside the box. 

  • First , think do you need things from store or you are just panicking for no reason? Answer will be different for everyone .
  • Breads are generally gone from store. So why not make your own bread before hand of course ? Think of other things. For Indians, we can just make paratha, thepla , puri that stays good for longer time outside . You can use them to make sandwich , spread some jam or peanut butter, almond butter on it. And this are not times to picky but just surviving.  
  • All deep fried food stays good for longer period.
  • If you don’t find milk, use some other milk, milk powder or make your own nut milk at home .

Hope you got ideas. Thing is think outside the box.

Do I need to say anything abt picture ? Staying balanced /centered is the key.

Stay safe ! 

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