Navratri 2017 – Fasting Experience 

Navratri ended and so thought of sharing this year’s experience. On I think 7th day of fast, in the afternoon my tummy was rumbling, grumbling and I felt something will come out. But nothing happened all day. At night , after spending good 15-20 mins in loo, things came out which was dark in color. You just know that it’s some old junk. Things most ppl don’t want to talk abt. Next day afternoon , I felt truely hungry and it was wise to break the fast that evening. I made some mung soup , and steamed broccoli. And food tasted so divine . Taste buds opens up. So that was the end of fast and my digestion has improved and am still reaping benefits of fast. Until it’s all messed up again…

So today is dusserah celebration. And if you have read my earlier post, you know how I was caught off guard on starting of navratri. Today morning I was surprised again when bunch of my yoga friends showed up in the morning at my door. I really enjoyed their unexpected visit and it was so much fun. 

Enjoy all turn and twist life sends our way !

PS: By the way, picture is of rava halwa I made last night. 

Rajgira Vada

Rajgira or also called Amranth is very nutritious and I feel we should include in our diet more often. Lot of people are ending up with wheat allergy now a days. Why wait until then ? If your diet is so heavy on wheat , rice then it’s a good idea to start trying other things . You don’t need to fast to eat rajgira goodies. 

I had hardly anything today and was really hungry so I decided to make this few vadas to eat with samo khichadi. It’s very easy to make. 

  • Grate bottle gourd and remove water and keep it aside.
  • Add rajgira flour , cumin seeds, cilantro and sindhov salt.
  • Knead and if u need water , add that bottle gourd water you kept aside . Use remaining water to cook samo rice.
  • Fry in peanut or coconut oil.
  • They were tasty and made my dinner bearable. Eat in moderation. I just made few so no question of eating too many.
  • Enjoy!

Rajgira Halwa in Coconut Oil

It’s important to rationalize age old traditions and see what works in today’s life. We benefit more when we make some positive changes into old if that agrees with you. If not , that’s ok too. So one of the change I made this navratri is use coconut oil. I made samo rice , rajgira roti with coconut oil. I have seen many rajgira shira recipe and wanted to taste so I decided to try it out. I eat only 1 thing in dinner but today i excused myself.

Recipe is everywhere on net and so I don’t want to repeat it. Only change I made was use coconut oil. Oh and I use organic raw sugar. Good quality coconut oil. Rajgira(Amranth) is alkaline and has good nutrition, high in protein. If you make shira, halwa for kids then use rajgira, singora like  vrat flours since they are nutritious and try to find good quality.

As you fast, observe.


Navratri 2017  – Day 2

First let me tell you what happened on Day 1 of navratri. I had no clue navratri was starting on Thursday. For whatever reason I was thinking it was starting Monday. So Thursday morning when I saw happy navratri everywhere on fb , I thought people just can’t wait. My day went as usual at work and then we went out from work to celebrate coworker’s upcoming wedding and I had crab dip thinking it’s cheese dip. Friend saw me eating and she came running , hey what r u eating ? Oops. I had only 1 chip. But it’s ok. Then come home and at night I was watching KBC 9 on tv and there too Amitabh talked abt women , mother etc . Then in 1 long shot, I saw big decorations which looked like navratri decor. I suspected myself and googled. Oh no… it started today. 

Now late at night , I had to come up with my plan of action immediately. There’s good food I had cooked in fridge. Do I have any fruits ? Anything I can eat next day? I quickly freezed what I could and threw away some. I gobbled some sweet. Ha.. ha. 

But next morning which was yday I started my fast and today I felt my skin looking radiant so I am posting my picture. You won’t know what it looked before but it’s  what I see , how I feel.

Life sometimes catches you off guard and you have to come up with action plan in no time. There’s a saying in my language which means “whenever you wake up, it’s morning.” So no excuses and start your life whenever you realize . First sutra  of Patanjali’s yoga is “and now the systamatic study of yoga starts.” Now is imp here . Not old age , not young age , not tomorrow, not yday it’s “NOW”.

Happy fasting , feasting, garba !!!

Fig Jam Goat Cheese Sandwich 

Made this sandwich as I was hurrying up to go to work so picture is not good. I saw fig goat cheese rolls at Walmart recently and I was tempted to buy then realized I have both at home and should make my own. I never got around making roll but ended up making sandwich .

Name tells it all. Spread my home made sugarless fig jam and threw some goat cheese on top. Yum. Quick snack to take it to work.

I did YouTube channel Tailor Ayurved yday and there’s 1 video now on navratri fast.I will have to learn how to do good videos. Here’s the link: