Mix Dal Dosa

Had this dosa at my friend’s place who is from south India and i really liked it. I had never seen this kind of dosa before so I took a picture and got recipe from her. Basically it’s mix of rice and different dals. Here’s my version with the picture:oops I already took a bite .

  • Soak rice and mix dals together for few 5-6 hrs. Ratio is half rice and half mix dals. I used brown rice and mix of mung , Chana and Tuver dal. I  added more of mung dal than other 2 dals. You can use any mix of dals you like but every combo will taste different.
  • Grind mixture and keep it little thicker than dosa . This dosa needs to spread little thicker. Add salt.
  • Keep finely chopped red onion ,shredded carrots , chopped green chilies handy.
  • Heat tava, spread batter and then sprinkle veggies.
  • Let it cook well and then carefully turn.
  • To remove from tava, take a plate and cover tava with plate and then quickly invert. Be careful.
  • Fold like dosa and server with peanut chutney.
  • If you want to put cheese, do at the end. I did 1 with cheese and it tasted good though am not much into cheese.
  • Enjoy!

PS: I deleted fb page just lunch ideas but fb will delete after 14 days. 

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