Africa 2017

Hello readers, it’s been a while since I posted here . Travelled to Africa recently with yoga friends and it was amazing. Wanted to share what we did in short so anyone planning get some idea. Or you may get inspired and decide to explore .

We went to Nairobi,Kenya first and visited equator, did Masai Mara safari, did balloon safari there . 

Then Victoria fall , Zambia and Zimbabwe side . There are lot of adventure activities there. We did zipline and micro light over Victoria fall which was amazing. Also hiked boiling point and 16 points on Zimbabwe side. Victoria fall is 1 of 7 wonder.

Then we headed to Cape Town , South Africa . Cape Town is pretty and view at cape point is too beautiful. We hiked table mountain and we don’t know how we did it.

Then we went to Kruger for another safari. Kruger we felt is more commercial and good for older people since roads are good. Masai Mara is more authentic and roads are bumpy. People get motion sickness.

We returned from Jo’berg.

So, it was lot of adventure, fun. Being vegetarian, food was no where an issue. Plenty of food we could eat. There are lot of things we did that I feel would be hard to do in old age . Hiking, zipline , micro light all that is good while you are young. So travel while you are in good health and take care of body so you can do things in life . Old age also you can travel and still do things just that you got to learn what you can do and still have fun.

Enjoy few pictures from safari ! 

PS: Appreciate when you comment, like. Only way I know you all are reading , enjoying, putting something into practice.

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