Sugarless Spiced Fig Jam

If you have a fig tree and don’t know what to do with them and you don’t want to make sugary jams then you will love this idea. My fig tree is in full bloom and I was running out of ideas. I don’t like to make things with so much sugar so I made jam once and that was all. 

One fine day which is today, I realized figs are naturally so sweet and once all water is gone, they are more sweet and then why the hell am I adding more sugar? Duh…and no, I don’t want to preserve jam for years. I dehydrated figs to eat in winter. Ok so visited fig tree and it gave me so many nice ripe figs. I also saw some animal poop and wonder who is visiting and eating figs. May be deer. I don’t mind them eating figs. There’s plenty for everyone and no reason to be greedy. So this is what I did and result I liked.

  • Chop figs roughly after washing.
  • Put it in a pot. Throw few cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick and 1 torn red chili. Teaspoon of fresh lime juice.
  • Stir now and then .
  • Cook until Most of the water is gone on medium heat.
  • Taste it. Mine is little sweet, sour and hint of spice. 
  • You can add a teaspoon of chia seeds after it cools down and you want it to be thicker.
  • You can eat this fig jam or whatever you want to call it with thepla, bread, cracker , vanilla icecream, or throw some on yogurt .
  • How long will it stay good? I don’t know. I will eat it up and will share with friends.
  • Enjoy!

Mix Dal Dosa

Had this dosa at my friend’s place who is from south India and i really liked it. I had never seen this kind of dosa before so I took a picture and got recipe from her. Basically it’s mix of rice and different dals. Here’s my version with the picture:oops I already took a bite .

  • Soak rice and mix dals together for few 5-6 hrs. Ratio is half rice and half mix dals. I used brown rice and mix of mung , Chana and Tuver dal. I  added more of mung dal than other 2 dals. You can use any mix of dals you like but every combo will taste different.
  • Grind mixture and keep it little thicker than dosa . This dosa needs to spread little thicker. Add salt.
  • Keep finely chopped red onion ,shredded carrots , chopped green chilies handy.
  • Heat tava, spread batter and then sprinkle veggies.
  • Let it cook well and then carefully turn.
  • To remove from tava, take a plate and cover tava with plate and then quickly invert. Be careful.
  • Fold like dosa and server with peanut chutney.
  • If you want to put cheese, do at the end. I did 1 with cheese and it tasted good though am not much into cheese.
  • Enjoy!

PS: I deleted fb page just lunch ideas but fb will delete after 14 days. 

Indian Style Kale Curry

Everyone knows kale is kind of super green full of nutrition. But you have to find a good way to eat it. I like to throw it in dal. Kale is hard to digest so I prefer it cooked . Found a good recipe to make a stir fry. Not much spice,  very simple and tasted really good. Here’s the link:

Only change I made was I cooked in coconut oil so no extra coconut to garnish. Do try. Kale is so cheap and available so easily. Goes well with roti and side of some soupy dal like sambhar.


African Safari Tips

Picture is of Milo, Mona and me from the walk with lions at Livingston, Zambia.  Walk of life that I loved so much. Alright ,  now I can give some tips from my safari experience.

  • First most important lesson: Bags didn’t come and we had to live off hand bag for a week. So make sure you have things needed in carry on bag. Medicines, clothes , winter wear, safari hat, women stuff  etc etc. When we finally got bag, some stuff was stolen. Even carry on bag , lock it b/c sometime last moment they take your bag.
  • We went in July and so it’s winter there. Morning and evening are cold and even in day time you need full sleeve and if u r like me who is always cold , keep jacket sweater , scarves, gloves everything with you all the time .
  • On the game drives, early mornings are cold, windy so protect yourself  well.1 of the game drive was so bad towards end that my nose started bleeding.
  • If you have motion sickness , be careful and be prepared. Safari roads can be bumpy .
  • Mosquitos will be there at some places so we took some bracelets we found on amazon.
  • Always drink bottle water and use bottle water to even rinse mouth.
  • Take some basic medicine, herbs that you regularly use at home just in case .
  • Take a camera with good zoom if you want to take good animal pictures. I had bought new camera with good zoom and got beautiful pictures that everyone who sees is  impressed.And am able to print and frame it to use as wall decode.

End of the day, it’s the same precautions you take on any travel. Safaris are fun and  if you want to go on one , start planning. If anyone  needs our travel agent , ask. Our travel agent kept an eye on our flights and stayed in touch with us for all 3 weeks and gave us some good local suggestions too. 

Hope this helps .


Africa 2017

Hello readers, it’s been a while since I posted here . Travelled to Africa recently with yoga friends and it was amazing. Wanted to share what we did in short so anyone planning get some idea. Or you may get inspired and decide to explore .

We went to Nairobi,Kenya first and visited equator, did Masai Mara safari, did balloon safari there . 

Then Victoria fall , Zambia and Zimbabwe side . There are lot of adventure activities there. We did zipline and micro light over Victoria fall which was amazing. Also hiked boiling point and 16 points on Zimbabwe side. Victoria fall is 1 of 7 wonder.

Then we headed to Cape Town , South Africa . Cape Town is pretty and view at cape point is too beautiful. We hiked table mountain and we don’t know how we did it.

Then we went to Kruger for another safari. Kruger we felt is more commercial and good for older people since roads are good. Masai Mara is more authentic and roads are bumpy. People get motion sickness.

We returned from Jo’berg.

So, it was lot of adventure, fun. Being vegetarian, food was no where an issue. Plenty of food we could eat. There are lot of things we did that I feel would be hard to do in old age . Hiking, zipline , micro light all that is good while you are young. So travel while you are in good health and take care of body so you can do things in life . Old age also you can travel and still do things just that you got to learn what you can do and still have fun.

Enjoy few pictures from safari ! 

PS: Appreciate when you comment, like. Only way I know you all are reading , enjoying, putting something into practice.