What to eat before vacation 

Before travel or vacation no matter how small it is, we want to be healthy. There was 1 time I got sick before a long travel and it was no fun trying to fix myself in hurry. And those long flights…Here’s what I try to do, eat now. 

  • Buy fresh oranges bag and juice 1 orange everyday and drink it immediately. It’s for vitamin c.
  • Eat coconut butter or cook in coconut oil . I start in a month advance . It’s anti bacterial, anti viral.
  • Eat beetroot, chia seeds so am all clean inside and no constipation.
  • Either I make or buy organic carrot juice which is for vitamin A.
  • Stop eating all sugary things meaning no ice cream , cake overdose.
  • Start including bitter food more regularly like arugula, methi, bitter gourd.
  • Continue moderate exercise , yoga and meditation.
  • That’s it .
  • Picture is of vegetable fried rice cooked in coconut oil with few cashew nuts in it. 

Happy Travel !!!

Enjoy !

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