How To Make Nutritional Meal

Have you heard Sardarji joke on diet? Sardarji goes to dietician for healthy food advise and so he can also lose some weight. Dietician gives him chart with all the food he should be eating like quinoa, Chia seeds , fruits , vegetables etc etc . Sardarji looks at it and then ask “when do I eat all this stuff before or after lunch , dinner ?”:-)

Point is ,Whatever we want to include in diet , we should just include them as part of our meals and not to make it a sperate chore . For example here, I added flax seed meal to bhaji. Do you see sprinkled powder on bhaji? I did that for the picture but you can just mix it into bhaji. 

Also I made huge salad to go with Pav bhaji and fresh lemon to squeeze on salad , bhaji which wil add some vitamin c. Salad has no dressing . I like it plain .

Meal is so simple , isn’t it ? 

Enjoy !

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