Soft Idly With Flax Seeds Meal

Is everyone using flax seeds or chia seeds for omega 3? Here’s another way to use flax seeds powder. Throw it in idly…and to my surprise it made idly very soft. I don’t know the reason. Here’s how I did it.

  • Made idly batter as usual using brown rice. 
  • Added tsp of flax seeds powder into batter just before steaming them.
  • For the uninitiated in flax seeds, they need to be powdered for body to absorb nutrients. 
  • Chutney was made using cilantro leaves, curry leaves, fresh coconut , Dalia, green chili, salt and lemon juice. It was yummy. There’s no need to season. Why add extra calories?
  • Enjoy !

Samo Kheer With Turbinado Sugar

Does everyone know turbinado sugar also known as raw sugar? Turbinado sugar is less processed.I use mostly turbinado sugar only and like that it’s expensive because that way I use as needed and just don’t waste it. Made kheer also using it and tasted great, more wholesome. Am sure everyone knows how to make kheer.

I used samo rice and added my good quality saffron and pistachios that I got from Dubai. I keep bragging abt it but it’s really good.Also used good quality full fat milk. 

Enjoy in moderation!

Sky Diving Experience 

If you follow this space religiously which I doubt anyone does , but still remember when I did  a post on ready for new experiences? This is when sky diving idea had come to me. On a lunch with coworkers, we all were chatting abt travel and vacations . One coworker said next Sonal will say she jumped out of a plane. That stuck into my head that may be I should do it . That was in December and so I had bought myself a groupon of sky diving as x’mas gift so that I don’t change my mind . Yep, I locked myself  into it. They were close end of the year and then it was too cold. But this weekend was nice warm and so I finally jumped.

Will not talk abt my experience b/c everyone’s experience is different. If you want to do it, just do it. If not , then it’s ok too. Experience doesn’t help with anything in life in my opinion for ppl like me. It’s fun for few days to show everyone pictures, videos and everyone goes gaga over it. That’s abt it.

What’s next ? Well, again talking with coworkers abt my skydiving , they gave me another idea which is stuck in my mind now but am gonna brag abt skydiving for a while now.Hey, I got to get some good mileage out of this. 🙂

Do what you enjoy !

Masoor Dal With Spinach

Recipe from Tarla Dalal here:

It’s simple and quick since masoor dal quick so quickly. I liked that spinach was added at the end . I just boil masoor dal in a pot since it cooks so fast. Other than that followed recipe and turned out pretty good. Not too many spices too.
Enjoy !