Flavors Of Planets – Vedic Astrology 

Astrology posts are very popular here so here’s another one with flavours with the blessings of Bhrigu rishi.

· Sun: Bitter. Bitter has drying and firming effect. You know in Gujarat, India during monsoon season, ppl used to eat bitter gourd. You need that drying effect within body too when it’s raining many days together. Food example: Bitter gourd, methi, aloe vera, arugula. Instead of eating pakodas during rain, eat bitter gourd subji.

· Moon: Salty. Salty has softening and cooling effect. That’s why moon is considered mother since mothers are soft and showers cooling effect. If your earthy mother doesn’t have that quality, look up to divine mother. Food example: Seaweed.

· Mars: Pungent/Spicy. Pungent has moistening and dispersing effect. Food example: Ginger, garlic, raw onion.

· Mercury: Mixed flavours.

· Jupiter: Sweet. Sweet has relaxing effect that’s why when ppl are stressed, they end up eating sweet. Most of the food is sweet like rice, wheat, peas,milk is all sweet. Cooked onion is sweet too.

· Venus: Sour. Sour has gathering effect. It brings everything together. Food example: lemon, yogurt, orange. Anything you taste sour.

· Saturn : Astringent. Astringent has contracting effect. In astrology, Saturn is the planet which contracts everything. Suppose one had a very big house, luxury life style and suddenly loses all that. Now one needs to learn with everything less. So you just learn to cut down, adapt and that’s it. You won’t have to run around the earth to please Saturn. Food example: Pomegranate peel.


We need to learn to have all 6 flavours in our food, experience it and not just gulp that food. Bitter gourd is something most of the ppl don’t like much or they remove all bitterness from it first and then eat it. Eat little but experience the flavor.

Enjoy !


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