Venus and Mars Tonight

Venus and mars are visible tonight where I live with naked eyes.   Venus is so brightly shining and amazing. I was even able to capture in a picture just with iPhone. Do you see small dot next to moon in above picture? That’s Venus. Mars is above moon but camera couldn’t pick it. I could see its little red. 

If it’s visible in your area, do go out and check. Amazing universe !

Want to publish this quickly so some of u can go out and see it.

Enjoy !

Get Some Sun Light

Everyone knows that sun is life giver and all cultures from ancient times worship sun. Modern science says it gives vitamins D and so many modern ppl are deficient in vitamin D even in India where weather is pretty warm most of the year. People just stopped getting out in sun I guess. 

When weather is nice warm, make sure to get out and get some sun light. If it’s windy cover yourself properly , cover your head. Morning and evening sun is not harsh but very pleasant.

On that note, am going out again.

Enjoy Sun Rays !

Drumstick Dal

Many of us don’t like ppl who keep throwing all kind of advices and call themselves well wishers. As an adult everyone makes their own choices and how the hell anyone else will know what is good for other and what other’s life karmas are when they don’t know their own karmas. When am asked abt something, I would suggest but  will never force my thoughts on someone else. Everyone needs to develop their own   Intuition and do what appeals , clicks to them. Give yourself space to grow. 

As I write here , first of all I am listening , reading and learning. As I learned abt Drumstick, am incorporating it in my diet and made this simple Dal with pigeon peas. Eat Dal, roti and praise god .

Enjoy !

Nutritious Drumstick 

Have you ever noticed drumstick looks like bone? No wonder it’s good for bone health. It’s rich in calcium and other nutrients. Drumstick leaves are nutritious too and rich in calcium if you find them. Here once in a while Indian store will have fresh one else it’s frozen.

I cooked them with eggplant and pigeon peas. You can put them in Dal , sambhar too. If you don’t know how to eat them, you suck them to eat pulp inside them.It’s yummy.

All ppl who are trying to add more calcium to diet, there are many calcium sources other than dairy. 

Enjoy !

Chinese Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd has lot of benefits and amazingly older ppl don’t mind eating them. They have been used to eating it. Most of us don’t eat now a days. Lot of ppl don’t even know what bitter taste is like. But when Indians get diabetics, they start using it. It’s a good vegetable to include in diet for it’s bitter flavor. Try few times to start liking it. Here’s how I have been cooking and it’s turning out good. You can use Indian bitter gourd too.

  • Use coconut oil to cook this. After heating oil, add some fennel seeds which are sweet.
  • Add chopped bitter gourd. I remove seeds. You can also add chopped potatoes . Add dry spices and salt.
  • Once cooked , add sliced onion and cook until onion is little cooked . Won’t take too long.
  • If I add potatoes, I don’t use onions. If no potatoes then add onions.
  • Chinese variety is more like squash with little bitter flavor.
  • You can also cook and put it in omelette.
  • Enjoy !