End of 2016 cleaning

Do you end up with lot of food in fridge, freezer, pantry ?End of year is a good way to use it, donate it or throw away. Sometimes it’s hard to throw away things  but you just got to do it. No point keeping piles of food that you not gonna eat. If it’s edible , start eating one a day. Here’s what I have been doing:

  • First from picture, had bought frozen chiku 2 years back which I never even opened. Went to trash. 
  • From freezer, either am cooking with frozen vegetables or using up food saved or throw it away. No more new buying right now .Only fresh vegetables I buy.
  • Fridge also, there are condiments that don’t get used. Found 3 soya sauce bottle .:(
  • Pantry… let’s not even go there. But am working on it. All pasta, snacks, cookies. 
  • Cleaning doesn’t mean you eat rotten , left overs . But plan it in a way so food gets used or expired , rotten needs to be thrown away.
  • Also some of the food you can decompose so that goes into vegetable patch for earth warms.
  • Am even cleaning closet.
  • Things are to be used , not hoard it. I like to give away things if someone can use it instead of it sitting in my home collecting dust just because I can’t let it go. 
  • And as we clean, we realize we need to buy less , just what we need.
  • Finally I bought myself a wonderful gift which is gonna be one hell of an experience. 
  • Enjoy cleaning !

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