Ready For New Experiences?

Have you ever googled words “new experiences “? I did today and read some amazing things. It’s all abt exploring new things , learning new things, learning to say yes to new experiences which we talk abt here too. I read abt a lady who decided to do 52 new things in new year and she actually did it, young girl quit the job and travelled to new countries all alone and many more … Was amazing. 

Here’s the link to 1 of the article if you don’t know where to start:

Riding a bike in dubai desert recently was a new experience for me .Yes, I was scared but didn’t let fear stop me and so thought it will be a perfect picture to go with the post.

People make new resolutions for new year but our new year is our birthday so trying out resolutions on birthday gives a better kick start. But any day , any time is good if you are feeling stuck. 

Enjoy !

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