Instant Ragi (Finger Millet)Balls

Ragi mudde or balls were another thing that’s been on my mind for so many years but it seemed tricky to make it and so I never tried. Had them once thanks to my neighbor’s mother-in-law. Finally I tried. 

They take hardly 10 mins to make  so I thought it makes a nice quick meal and Ragi keeps you full for a long time . When I had Ragi roti for lunch , wasn’t hungry all day. Recipe is simple but like I said it’s tricky and my first batch didn’t work. I would suggest look for videos and follow it properly. You just boil water with salt, tsp of oil and add Ragi. Wait 4-5mins and then mix. But it ends up with lumps if you don’t do it correct. 

With sambhar, it makes a good meal. If you are trying to add Ragi, do try. Once you get hang of how to make them, it’s simple. And yes, you have to eat it while hot. So no left over.

Enjoy !

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