Holiday Ideas

Is everyone enjoying shopping, dining , decorating, gifting ? Are you looking for new ideas? I was thinking that when it comes to gift , why is it always something  monetary only? Do we really need that extra sweater , jacket, jewelry or all those latest gazettes? If there’s a need , sure. Why not add little learning, experience that is fun ? Let’s see if we can come up with some fun things to gift or do this season.

  • Will start with clean water , breath , space to grow, wholesome food. We all need to gift that to ourselves.
  • Arrange a hike or walk with friends and then go for lunch.
  • Take a painting or art class with friends. There are few hr classes available at craft stores like cake decorating, knitting , painting.
  • Go to yoga class and gift a friend too so you can go together. Just go for 1 time and no need to think abt whole life and panic.
  • Go for a massage .
  • If you are regular gym person, they also have classes. Try something new.
  • If you are not a gym person, go for a month. Most of the ppl can afford for a month.
  • If you have too much clutter in home or mind, do some cleaning. If you need to know how to  clean mind , ask.
  • If you are having a get together at home, then you can hire someone who will come teach a painting , yoga , Ayurveda or some craft. Or you might have a friend who is good at something and is willing to share.
  • Hope you got the idea. Now go , implement. 
  • Enjoy holidays 

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