End of 2016 cleaning

Do you end up with lot of food in fridge, freezer, pantry ?End of year is a good way to use it, donate it or throw away. Sometimes it’s hard to throw away things  but you just got to do it. No point keeping piles of food that you not gonna eat. If it’s edible , start eating one a day. Here’s what I have been doing:

  • First from picture, had bought frozen chiku 2 years back which I never even opened. Went to trash. 
  • From freezer, either am cooking with frozen vegetables or using up food saved or throw it away. No more new buying right now .Only fresh vegetables I buy.
  • Fridge also, there are condiments that don’t get used. Found 3 soya sauce bottle .:(
  • Pantry… let’s not even go there. But am working on it. All pasta, snacks, cookies. 
  • Cleaning doesn’t mean you eat rotten , left overs . But plan it in a way so food gets used or expired , rotten needs to be thrown away.
  • Also some of the food you can decompose so that goes into vegetable patch for earth warms.
  • Am even cleaning closet.
  • Things are to be used , not hoard it. I like to give away things if someone can use it instead of it sitting in my home collecting dust just because I can’t let it go. 
  • And as we clean, we realize we need to buy less , just what we need.
  • Finally I bought myself a wonderful gift which is gonna be one hell of an experience. 
  • Enjoy cleaning !

Bengali Style Chana Dal

Have you ever experienced that you go for lunch/dinner at someone’s house and find something that you always make but taste so awesome? Because same old lentil ,  grain , vegetable or whatever it is cooked different way. Well, we can create same experience at home too. We don’t need to be so stuck with our traditional ways of cooking everything. Did I encourage you enough? 🙂

Here’s how I made Chana Dal Bengali way. It’s lightly spiced. Recipe source :http://www.bongcookbook.com/2009/11/cholar-dal-uppity-chana-dal.html?m=1

  • Pressure cook Chana Dal so that it retains little shape and not mushy . It’s ok if you ended up with all mushy too.
  • Heat ghee (need very little)and sauté whole spices cardamom, clove, cinnamon, bay leaf and red chilies. 
  • Add Dal , salt, turmeric powder. I also added ginger paste. For any beans , lentil I always add ginger to avoid gas. Boil for few mins.
  • Add thinly sliced coconut pieces. You can also add raisin but I didn’t . 
  • Tada..  Bengali Dal ready.
  • Enjoy!

Ready For New Experiences?

Have you ever googled words “new experiences “? I did today and read some amazing things. It’s all abt exploring new things , learning new things, learning to say yes to new experiences which we talk abt here too. I read abt a lady who decided to do 52 new things in new year and she actually did it, young girl quit the job and travelled to new countries all alone and many more … Was amazing. 

Here’s the link to 1 of the article if you don’t know where to start:


Riding a bike in dubai desert recently was a new experience for me .Yes, I was scared but didn’t let fear stop me and so thought it will be a perfect picture to go with the post.

People make new resolutions for new year but our new year is our birthday so trying out resolutions on birthday gives a better kick start. But any day , any time is good if you are feeling stuck. 

Enjoy !

Instant Ragi (Finger Millet)Balls

Ragi mudde or balls were another thing that’s been on my mind for so many years but it seemed tricky to make it and so I never tried. Had them once thanks to my neighbor’s mother-in-law. Finally I tried. 

They take hardly 10 mins to make  so I thought it makes a nice quick meal and Ragi keeps you full for a long time . When I had Ragi roti for lunch , wasn’t hungry all day. Recipe is simple but like I said it’s tricky and my first batch didn’t work. I would suggest look for videos and follow it properly. You just boil water with salt, tsp of oil and add Ragi. Wait 4-5mins and then mix. But it ends up with lumps if you don’t do it correct. 

With sambhar, it makes a good meal. If you are trying to add Ragi, do try. Once you get hang of how to make them, it’s simple. And yes, you have to eat it while hot. So no left over.

Enjoy !

Spelt Flour Roti

Spelt flour roti has been on my mind for so many years. I never found flour in stores and then will forget abt it. Finally I ordered from amazon. Health food store also will have it. I don’t have any health food store near by. Had to make roti right away.And roti turned out so good. Loved it. 

You make dough same way as wheat flour. Add little salt , oil and then water. I made from spelt flour only. No mixing with any other flour. There’s no need. Roti was easy to roll since it has less gluten than wheat.

Taste wise , I loved it. Was filling  and felt wholesome . Must try, I would say.