Dubai Experience 

Burj Khalifa

Riding a bike in desert

Desert sun set

Balancing in sand is little difficult.

Burj Khalifa at night show.

Gulf of Persia

Sun set at kite beach

Dubai view at night

Sharing some pictures from my Dubai trip. I enjoyed desert safari very much. Most of the women didn’t ride a bike but I would like to encourage everyone to try. It was fun and there won’t be a second chance to that so why not try it? Middle eastern food was good too. I was able to recognize lot of it thanks to Arabic mehfil I had arranged earlier this year.

 My thought are scattered right now and I wasn’t even sure abt this post but I hear a lot from ppl that they are inspired from my posts, my experiences so this post is for all of you who have inspired me in turn to keep writing and sharing my experiences.
Try new things, explore your horizon and remember to comment.

Enjoy Dubai pictures!

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