Quinoa With Dry Peas And Cabbage 

Sometimes so much effort is put into making good healthy food, not knowing there was nothing healthy abt it. Here’s another simple , quick lunch I made today. 

  • Quinoa cooked in lucky iron fish water.
  • Had left over dry peas curry. Boiled it on stove top and threw some cabbage at the end so it’s cooked just little . You can also add some greens.
  • That’s it. Eat curry with quinoa.
  • You got protein, fiber and some vitamins too.
  • Enjoy !

Neem Tea

On my recent visit to India, my friend mentioned neem, something I was looking for here in USA. There was a tree near her house and they use leaves from it and so her mother in law dried some for me to bring. Growing up in India most of us know that  neem has health benefits and it’s very bitter so kids stay away from it. Now as a grown up it’s a different story. Neem is bitter so it has anti bacterial , anti-viral properties. Neem paste is used for skin infection. It’s so bitter no wonder bacteria , virus will not survive.

  • To make tea is very easy . Boil few leaves with clean water.
  • Strain and drink. I added some lemon juice too.
  • Bitter is 1 of the flavor we don’t get much in diet and overdose of sugar everyday makes things worse. If you had lot of sweets during thanksgiving, then try neem tea. 
  • I think neem tea is also available in market.
  • When we come from India, we bring sweets to share with friends and family. I think it’s time we bring something healthy like this neem leaves.
  • In India, kids are given bitter things to drink now and then since they eat lot of sweets. But now adults are same too so we better start including bitter flavor in our diet.
  • Enjoy!

Lucky Iron Fish

Have you heard abt lucky iron fish? It’s a fish made of cast iron to remove iron deficiency that was wide spread in Cambodia. Check the website for more info: luckyironfish.com

  • It’s very simple to use. When you get fish, first you clean with soap water and cloth. Then boil the fish with 1 liter of water and 2-3 drops of fresh lemon juice or vinegar for 10 mins. 
  • Remove the fish, it will be very hot so be careful. Clean , dry and store. Use iron rich water you made in soup or cook rice , quinoa with it. I cooked quinoa.
  • Easy iron rich meal.
  • You can give this as a x’mas gift too. Will be more meaningful. Isn’t it?
  • Enjoy !

Life is yoga – 9 to 5  by Pradip Bulsara 


Life is yoga – 9 to 5 is ebook by Pradip  Bulsara. You will need iPad , iPhone or some apple device since book is  on apple platform. It has simple movements that we can practice during our office hrs.

Picture is from 9 to 5 yoga demo my colleagues and I did at our work diversity event and people liked it and practiced with us , found helpful.

Check the book out. It cost little and money spent will be worth. 

Enjoy !

Belur –  Halebidu – Shravanabelagola Tour

Have been wanting to share this 1 day trip my friend and I did which was mesmerizing to me. I loved all temples and trip was from karanataka government which was on time and very convenient. It starts from badami house, Bangalore and bus stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food was alright and important I didn’t get sick eating it. Unless you are expecting 5 star meal, you will be fine. 

First stop was Shravanabelagola. Have too many beautiful pictures but I will share few.You have to climb 700+ steps to reach temple. 

After that we visited Belur and Halebidu temples. Temples are all carved and not a single place where it’s not carved. It has all Mahabharata and other stories from scriptures. 10 avatars of Vishnu . Made me very happy that I got to be there and so wanted to share with you all. It took 3 generations to complete temples. You can google and read more abt history if interested.

Lord Bahubali – World’s largest monolithic statue. 58.8 feet

View from top

Mirror lady

Amazing temple carving

Hoysala symbol

Arjuna taking aim – Mahabharata story