And Time To Feast

So fast is done and yes, I follow my own guidance to know when to end. Let’s talk abt elimination first . Do you know how long is our colon? It’s around 5 feet long. Amazing what all comes out when you are fasting. All that stored gunk. After fast digestion is better, taste buds are sharp and so food taste so good. My stomach muscles feel little tighter.

Let’s talk abt salt. Do you know recommended salt amount? 1500 mg which is probably around 1 tsp. While fasting, I had sindhov salt at dinner time probably 1/4th tsp and I did fine . If you are working out , sweating then salt need will change. Sugar is another overdose we  do everyday .

I follow my own wisdom again on what to break fast with. I was in need of iron and protein so made kidney beans with spinach thrown in. Little lemon to help digest beans and absorb iron. Ate less and still was satisfied and full. No obsession with food and no cravings . 

Enjoy feast if you are fasting !

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