Dandi , Gandhi & Fast

When it comes to fasting, Gandhi seems synonym to fast as most of us are aware how he used fast as a tool in his nonviolent movement to free India. Am not sure if I ever shared the pictures from my trip to “Dandi” , place where Gandhi walked and broke salt rule.

House where Gandhi was confined , some pictures from inside the house and dandi beach.

Being from Gujarat, I learned abt Gandhi as a kid and his life stories were part of school curriculum. I was very impressed with him even at that early age and had even tried to practice some of the things from his life. No stealing , speak truth always, Ramnam to be fearless, how he studied all religions , fasting …. etc.Not that I succeeded all the time. 

My very 1st fast was at the age of 8 for 5 days and that became everyear for next 6- 7years. Then fasting almost became impossible until few years back when it all started again.When you get impressed with something , you have to try it yourself. Isn’t it?

Gandhi still inspires me and always like to share the things I learned from him.

Will end with his quote “There’s no prayer without fasting “.

Enjoy !

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