Happy Navratri 2016

Navratri starts today – a festival of 9 nights. Fast , feast , sing , dance , worship  goddess. Isn’t that amazing ? As season changes , fasting helps to detoxify system and get ready for next season. Also helps breaking patterns. If you can’t fast , then do something different like if you are used to of eating rice products everyday , then give up rice or if you are stuck with wheat then give up wheat or dairy.

For 9 nights, 9 forms of goddesses are worshipped . Each day is associated with a form of goddess . First 3 days are forms of goddess Durga who is force of destructing evil.Next 3 days are goddess Laxami who bestows wealth. Last 3 days are goddess Sarasvati who bestows knowledge . 

How are you celebrating ? And how are you transforming yourself ?

Happy Navratri !

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