Hiking Through Life

As I have been going on hikes for a while, this occurred to me y’day after hike that life is also like hike. When we go on a hike, we all meet at a place at a certain time and then we all start together, chatting abt everything under the sun. As we go further , some ppl will be behind as we get tired. And we don’t know what will come on trail … Rocks , puddle , dry leaves, steps , slopes etc. But we keep going… Slow down, take rest, wipe the sweat whatever  one needs. In life also, we don’t know what will come our way but we need to keep going . Do whatever we need to keep us going. 

Then we reach the top which is only half the hike because we need to come back. At the top, we enjoy the view , take the pictures, eat some snack , drink water, laugh and relax . Then we start again . Even in life , when we reach the top, we don’t stay there forever … We have to come back. Sometimes it is free fall. πŸ™‚ 

To remember,it’s a journey and enjoy it, find your ways to work through the journey. 

And life becomes easy .

Pictures are from yesterday’s  hike.

Enjoy !

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