Fig Festival

Are you all tired of hearing abt figs ? Hope not because am not tired of them yet. Fig season is almost ending and I hosted a fig festival which i enjoyed and so thought of sharing with you all if anyone has a fig tree and fig lover friends or open minded friends , you can arrange one too.

I won’t give any recipes since I have posted almost everything . Will just give menu. My friends liked the food. I forgot to take a picture but found one with few things.Here’s the menu:

  • Fresh figs
  • Fig Smoothie
  • Fig jam and  fig chutney with crackers
  • Veggie lasagna 
  • Greek soup
  • French bread toasted lightly with olive oil and Italian seasoning.
  • Fig arugula goat cheese salad
  • Fig ice cream

I think everything went well together and it was easy for me to make. I assembled lasagna previous night and while we did yoga session, I turned on oven. When yoga was over , lasagna was all done. 

If you have any fruit tree , then make it fun by throwing your own festival. You will have unique party theme.

Enjoy !

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