Fig Pizza

There are lot of fig pizza recipes online and seems goat cheese pairs well with figs and I am not cheese lover but I like goat cheese . So had to try this pizza and I really liked it. Here’s how I did it.

  • I had whole wheat pita so that became my pizza base. Very creative.:)
  • Saute long sliced onion in olive oil. Add salt and I also added crushed pepper since I like spicy. Oh and also I cooked some sliced Bella mushroom too with onion. Vegetables are must for me .
  • Apply some olive oil on pita.
  • Put onion , mushroom mixture evenly and top with sliced fresh figs and goat cheese.
  • Bake for 8 – 10mins and I broiled for 2 mins at the end .Makes fig juicy.
  • Garnish with Arugula. Don’t miss this. It’s little bitter and peppery I felt and pairs well with goat and figs.
  • Take a bite and you will be very impressed and proud of you  like me. pizza is busting with flavors.
  • You can also make salad, sandwich , top on bread slices or fill in pita bread all same ingredients. Be creative!
  • Enjoy !

Randhan Chhath, Shitala Satam Festival 

Month of shravan or August has many vrats in India where ppl will fast or eat 1 time. Shravan month also is a very rainy month and hence digestion is poor and there might be lot of sickness too due to it. So our seers arranged all these routines .Seer meaning who can see. 

Randhan Chhat and Shitala Satam is celebrated in Gujarat big time . Let’s see if we can decode it. On Randhan Chhat day, several dishes are prepared that will stay good next day without fridge. And hence all fried food which doesn’t get spoiled easily. After food is all cooked, stove is cleaned and ppl do Pooja. In olden times, earthen hearths were used and they were refurnished with cow dung. My grandma had 3 of them and I had pleasure of seeing and eating food cooked on it. Next day Shitala meaning cold food is eaten.

So what does that mean? When you apply cow dung , it takes time to dry and you cannot cook on it right away . I also wonder if it deinfected hearth. And so food was prepared in advance and eat cold food next day.

Now in today ‘s world our stoves are cleaned and deinfected everyday and we also have fridge to store things . 

We can still enjoy festivals and have fun with them. But it’s good to know thought behind it. 

By the way, picture is of fig jam I made . Yum ! No recipe needed. It’s sugar and figs with some cloves , cinnamon.

Enjoy !

Fig Milkshake With Flax Meal

There’s gonna be lot of fig recipes now since fig tree is loaded and too many ideas are pouring in my head. I might start looking like a fig. Fig tree has become such a celebrity that now ppl ask me how is fig tree ? They don’t ask how am I ? 🙂 

Fig shake is too yummy and good for kids too who generally like milk shakes. 

  • Chop fresh figs , add some milk and little vanilla ice team . Now secret ingredient is flax seeds meal/powder. Add little bit of it. Good source of omega 3 and you don’t notice any taste difference. 
  • I didn’t add any sugar and it was enough sweet b/c of sweet figs and ice cream.
  • Blend everything and that’s it.
  • Vanilla ice cream makes it creamy.
  • Enjoy !

Overnight Chia Pudding

Overnight chia , oatmeal breakfast is very popular and I make it in summer now and then. If anyone is still not familiar with it, here’s how you do it. 

  • Take a glass jar and add little oatmeal and 1 tbsp chia seeds. Add some yogurt or any kind of milk you like. I use homemade yogurt and water from yogurt or add little water. You can also use coconut water . Chia and oatmeal will absorb all liquid. 
  • Add chopped dried fruits like figs , prunes , apricot or raisin. Mix all well.
  • Throw some nuts on top and keep in fridge overnight .
  • In the morning , put some fresh fruits on it like mango , banana, blue berries or like me fresh figs from garden . 
  • You can take jar to work  or put it in a new container before adding fruits.
  • Be creative and add whatever you like but try to stick to unprocessed things.
  • I am gonna try with pineapple juice instead of yogurt. And also I want to just grind coconut meat with water and use that  since I don’t like to use canned coconut milk.
  • Try your own variation . It taste good , easy to take to work and you get some good nutrition and will keep you full for a while.
  • I don’t add any sweetener since fruits make it sweet enough . But you can add little good quality honey if you like.
  • Enjoy !