Flax Meal In Curry

Y’day I met some friends for dinner and one friend was taking omega 3 capsules and was complaining how huge it is. I was like  , are you not eating flax meal or chia seeds? Yep , I shared all my tips.:)

Not everyone is into smoothie but you can still include flax meal in your diet. I added a tsp in mung curry today and you don’t even realize any way it was there . Good way to include for picky eaters. 

You can add flax meal into any curries like mung, chickpeas, rajma etc. Add while serving in individual bowl because you don’t want to boil it. You can also sprinkle on vegetable curry.

Note: Flax meal is grounded flax seeds. Whole flax seeds are not digested so either you buy in powdered form or powder before using.

Enjoy !

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