Natural Rose Milk With Tukmariya 

Have you ever used real rose petals in cooking? Rose petals are laxative in nature and considered cooling in Ayurveda. I have tried rose firani before and had turned out real good. Since I like to use natural ingredients and whatever is available around me , when I saw rose… Hmmm yum. 

Tukmariya is another cooling ingredient and it looks almost like chia seeds. Am not very sure abt other nutrients in it but I love them in rose milk and falooda is my favorite drink.

  • Boil milk with fresh rose petals . Make sure rose petals are not sprayed. If you keep milk with rose petals in fridge overnight , flavor will intensify. Else you will hardly get flavor. Rose also needs to be with nice smell meaning flavor will be there. And you don’t get color this way but I don’t care .
  • Soak Tukmariya in milk for an hr so they become like gel just like chia seeds.
  • I had falooda sev so I boiled that too.It’s optional.
  • To assemble, add Tukmariya and sev first in a glass. Pour rose milk and add sugar.
  • You can top with vanilla ice team and it will become falooda but I didn’t . 
  • Tukmariya taste little different than chia and I love them. Try it out.
  • If you are fond of rose flavor like me, then try this real rose flavor. 
  • Enjoy !

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