TV Less Evening

Do you keep tv on all the time? Have you ever thought how much time you spend in front of it? Me neither .:) My TV is on in the evening. Y’day evening I went to grocery store to get something quick and then started making dinner. Thought I will switch on tv soon but realized it was so nice , peaceful and pleasant. I didn’t feel like switching on.

So I ended up browsing my book collection and found “Autobiography Of Yogi” which I had read some long time back. I found a chapter on Swami Paramhansa Yogananada ‘s meeting with Gandhi and enjoyed reading it . And rest of the evening I continued reading book .One sentence  stayed with me “He who knows , tells it not; he who tells, knows it not.”

Try TV less or internet free day and you will have so much time to do things you enjoy.

Picture is of fig tree.

Enjoy !

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