Chia Pudding For Potluck 

When you want to take some thing healthy, new and easy to potluck , chia pudding is good. I took this to work today for our monthly birthday celebration. It looked good presentation wise. Here’s how I did it:

  • Take chia seeds, little bit oatmeal, raisins and coconut flakes in a bowl.
  • Pour unsweetened almond milk over it and keep it in fridge overnight.
  • Garnish with some nuts and fruits. Mango will be really good .
  • If you like more sweeter , mix honey before garnishing but I would recommend skipping. There’s enough sweetness from raisin and fruits. 
  • Enjoy !

Flax Meal In Curry

Y’day I met some friends for dinner and one friend was taking omega 3 capsules and was complaining how huge it is. I was like  , are you not eating flax meal or chia seeds? Yep , I shared all my tips.:)

Not everyone is into smoothie but you can still include flax meal in your diet. I added a tsp in mung curry today and you don’t even realize any way it was there . Good way to include for picky eaters. 

You can add flax meal into any curries like mung, chickpeas, rajma etc. Add while serving in individual bowl because you don’t want to boil it. You can also sprinkle on vegetable curry.

Note: Flax meal is grounded flax seeds. Whole flax seeds are not digested so either you buy in powdered form or powder before using.

Enjoy !

Natural Rose Milk With Tukmariya 

Have you ever used real rose petals in cooking? Rose petals are laxative in nature and considered cooling in Ayurveda. I have tried rose firani before and had turned out real good. Since I like to use natural ingredients and whatever is available around me , when I saw rose… Hmmm yum. 

Tukmariya is another cooling ingredient and it looks almost like chia seeds. Am not very sure abt other nutrients in it but I love them in rose milk and falooda is my favorite drink.

  • Boil milk with fresh rose petals . Make sure rose petals are not sprayed. If you keep milk with rose petals in fridge overnight , flavor will intensify. Else you will hardly get flavor. Rose also needs to be with nice smell meaning flavor will be there. And you don’t get color this way but I don’t care .
  • Soak Tukmariya in milk for an hr so they become like gel just like chia seeds.
  • I had falooda sev so I boiled that too.It’s optional.
  • To assemble, add Tukmariya and sev first in a glass. Pour rose milk and add sugar.
  • You can top with vanilla ice team and it will become falooda but I didn’t . 
  • Tukmariya taste little different than chia and I love them. Try it out.
  • If you are fond of rose flavor like me, then try this real rose flavor. 
  • Enjoy !

TV Less Evening

Do you keep tv on all the time? Have you ever thought how much time you spend in front of it? Me neither .:) My TV is on in the evening. Y’day evening I went to grocery store to get something quick and then started making dinner. Thought I will switch on tv soon but realized it was so nice , peaceful and pleasant. I didn’t feel like switching on.

So I ended up browsing my book collection and found “Autobiography Of Yogi” which I had read some long time back. I found a chapter on Swami Paramhansa Yogananada ‘s meeting with Gandhi and enjoyed reading it . And rest of the evening I continued reading book .One sentence  stayed with me “He who knows , tells it not; he who tells, knows it not.”

Try TV less or internet free day and you will have so much time to do things you enjoy.

Picture is of fig tree.

Enjoy !

Fig Salad

Had to share this fig salad b/c it’s so good. It’s same kind of ingredients as fig pizza but still couldn’t resist to post.

Arugula, chopped figs and goat cheese. That’s it. Didn’t add any dressing . Make sure each bite has all 3 ingredients which won’t be hard. Very very tasty.

Do give it a shot if you can find figs. It’s a fig season so if you will look around , am sure you will find. Where there’s a will , there’s a way.:) You might have to just pay more.

Enjoy !