Tomato Chutney With Chia Seeds

All those tomatoes i got , needed to be used. Thought of cooking them in some form so it will stay good for a while in fridge . 1 idea led to another and another and final result turned out pretty good, yummy, unique and nutritious . Oh and simple too. So what did I do?

  • Chop tomatoes in chunk.
  • Heat olive oil , crack some mustard seeds and 4-5 methi seeds.
  • Add tomatoes and cook. Throw some garlic , ginger and red chili.Add salt.
  • Once tomatoes are cooked, switch of the stove. Add a tsp of brown sugar. Cool and Blend everything.
  • Now mixture was very watery so I added a tbsp of chia seeds and left the bowl in fridge. Genius  idea.:) Chia absorbed the water and made it nice thick. 
  • I had with dhokla and it was very tasty . You can eat with idli , dosa or spread on sandwich.
  • You know all those chutneys we Indian makes like coriander chutney and what not where we use peanuts , Daliya to thicken chutney , can be replaced with chia or use in combination .
  • I won’t repeat chia health benefits but you will notice next day morning .:)
  • Enjoy chi .. Chi chia seeds !

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