Get out of Trauma

Y’day i had yoga training session for student in us and learned some interesting things so thought I should document here.

Most of the ppl go through some kind of trauma in life. May be in childhood you were beaten up with things , death of near and dear ones , accident etc or even in adult life and we get stuck with it. Sometimes ppl go into depression or withdraw socially , not able to move forward in life .Trauma that one has gone through in past is registered in mind , right? Even though it’s not happening right now , one keeps suffering .

If you know abt autonomic nervous system, there are 2 parts . Sympathetic whose response is fight or flight and parasympathetic which is rest and digest.You can read abt it online more if interested but I will keep it simple here.

To get out of trauma, you need to activate para sympathetic which will relax you. And you will be reset, ready to take on life again.

So yogis have already figured this out with breath. When you “breathe in” sympathetic is activated and “breathe out” activates parasympathetic. So focus on breathing out and breathe out longer. This is something you can do no matter where you are. You can even do in bathroom or at work. Even when you are stressed out at work , during meeting or in any stressful situation focus on breathing out. Slowly things will change and you will be back into game in no time.:) There are other things like hobbies, talking it out to friends / family helps but sometimes one might not even have those options but breath is always with you.

And if you want to get into action, focus on breathing in which will activate sympathetic.

Breathe  and enjoy !!!!

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