Tomato Chutney With Chia Seeds

All those tomatoes i got , needed to be used. Thought of cooking them in some form so it will stay good for a while in fridge . 1 idea led to another and another and final result turned out pretty good, yummy, unique and nutritious . Oh and simple too. So what did I do?

  • Chop tomatoes in chunk.
  • Heat olive oil , crack some mustard seeds and 4-5 methi seeds.
  • Add tomatoes and cook. Throw some garlic , ginger and red chili.Add salt.
  • Once tomatoes are cooked, switch of the stove. Add a tsp of brown sugar. Cool and Blend everything.
  • Now mixture was very watery so I added a tbsp of chia seeds and left the bowl in fridge. Genius  idea.:) Chia absorbed the water and made it nice thick. 
  • I had with dhokla and it was very tasty . You can eat with idli , dosa or spread on sandwich.
  • You know all those chutneys we Indian makes like coriander chutney and what not where we use peanuts , Daliya to thicken chutney , can be replaced with chia or use in combination .
  • I won’t repeat chia health benefits but you will notice next day morning .:)
  • Enjoy chi .. Chi chia seeds !

When God gives you tomatoes….

If you plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes not mangoes. Karma is like that. Whatever we get is result of our actions and we got to enjoy them. Just don’t label good or bad and start having fun with it. 

Got more than enough tomatoes and ants and what not is also eating them . But that’s ok. They need food too. 

So I will be eating tomatoes in some form for breakfast, lunch and dinner now . Will share with tomatoe lovers . And  still will have to freeze some. There’s so much abundance of everything.Isn’t it? Like Gandhi said “there’s enough for everyone’s need but not for greed.”

Enjoy fruits of your karma !

My bowl of goodness

Are you all on quinoa wagon or not yet? Better get onto it.I made this quickly today to eat after yoga class and turned out good so thought of sharing here.

Had some home cooked Black beans with water in it and wanted to eat them somehow.Here’s what I did.

  • Cook some quinoa.
  • Sauté tomatoes on other side. Add chopped veggies like peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, Broccoli etc.
  • Add paste of ginger garlic and any other spice you like.
  • Add black beans with water. 
  • Add salt and let it boil. Basically it’s like chilli or any bean curry u make but with veggies.
  • Add cooked quinoa and done.Keep it thick like stew.
  • Rich in protein and you get all veggies too.
  • Makes a good lunch to take to work too. Easy to eat.
  • Enjoy !

Get out of Trauma

Y’day i had yoga training session for student in us and learned some interesting things so thought I should document here.

Most of the ppl go through some kind of trauma in life. May be in childhood you were beaten up with things , death of near and dear ones , accident etc or even in adult life and we get stuck with it. Sometimes ppl go into depression or withdraw socially , not able to move forward in life .Trauma that one has gone through in past is registered in mind , right? Even though it’s not happening right now , one keeps suffering .

If you know abt autonomic nervous system, there are 2 parts . Sympathetic whose response is fight or flight and parasympathetic which is rest and digest.You can read abt it online more if interested but I will keep it simple here.

To get out of trauma, you need to activate para sympathetic which will relax you. And you will be reset, ready to take on life again.

So yogis have already figured this out with breath. When you “breathe in” sympathetic is activated and “breathe out” activates parasympathetic. So focus on breathing out and breathe out longer. This is something you can do no matter where you are. You can even do in bathroom or at work. Even when you are stressed out at work , during meeting or in any stressful situation focus on breathing out. Slowly things will change and you will be back into game in no time.:) There are other things like hobbies, talking it out to friends / family helps but sometimes one might not even have those options but breath is always with you.

And if you want to get into action, focus on breathing in which will activate sympathetic.

Breathe  and enjoy !!!!

Vermicelli Kheer – Savaiya 

Thanks to technology , we get to know everything. I saw Eid greetings everywhere so thought of making Savaiya which is one of my favorite dessert. If you have never tried before, would highly recommend. It’s so yummy. I made  very basic but you can make it very rich too. Here’s the simple version.

  • Boil milk (use full fat)and then add roasted vermicelli. Stir in between and boil depending on how thick you want.
  • Add sugar and boil some again.
  • Garnish with chopped almonds and cardamom powder.
  • Serve cold or hot depending on weather. I like it hot in winter with Kapil Sharma comedy show . A fun combo. 

Eid Mubarak !!!

Enjoy !