Break the routine

It’s good to break the routine now and then . Isn’t it? Sometimes we become so used of routine that anything new that comes our way , throws us off big time . And fear creeps in, something that you so want to do it but you end up with all the excuses that why you  can’t do it. You convince yourself . Instead of saying why you can’t do it, or I will do if so and so and so works (btw which never gonna happen )we need to ask ourselves … 

How can I do this? What all I will have to do make it work ? This way you start working in the direction of manifesting it. 

If you want to break the routine , here’s some ideas.Remeber , this is for yourself and don’t try to force on others. 

  • If you eat almost same kind of food every day, try all new food. Sometimes ppl get into too much healthy food and feel guilty of eating a piece of cake or pass it on. Then go have a piece of unhealthy food and just enjoy.(not if you have health issue , allergy with certain food) 
  • Take a new route to work.
  • Try new kind of workout. Go hike in mountains or any greenway. It’s so much fun. 
  • Most of adults have weekday routine. Summer time, days are long and so you can do things after work. Try something new . Even just grocery shopping and then you will have free time on weekend.
  • If you are not good at planning, arranging new things, when someone comes up with ideas, say “yes” and go with it. I always come up with all ideas, but then I have friends and even coworkers who will support . And sometimes everyone just says no but it’s ok.Not all ideas work.
  • Visit a new grocery store. Try some international , Asian  , farmer markets.
  • Make new friends. When did you make a new friend last? 
  • Have a fear of driving to new place? I see this often mainly in us who came from other country. I had no choice but to drive to all places and I used to get lost all the time pre -gps time and still do. I didn’t know how to read map, how exits are located . When first I started driving in mountain area, I learned most of the phones don’t work so I switched to Verizon b/c it worked in mountain area. I felt it was expensive but peace of mind is imp. Then I will print direction both ways , if gps doesn’t work. Even if I don’t find my place then it’s ok . Just come back home. Who cares ? So go drive to a new place . It’s liberating .

Am sure you got the idea if you want to break free. If not, be happy with your routine. My teacher always says this which I love : There are 3 choices when it comes to right and wrong . Right , wrong or be happy. So I choose to be happy. How abt you???


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