Mung Sprouts Pita Sandwich 

Sprouts are very nutritious and tasty too. Mung sprouts curry I make is very popular among lot of my friends and some of them even learned to make it. If you have some left over and want to eat some new way , this turned out good. Everyone should learn how to sprout I believe. It’s so easy and fun.

There’s really no recipe for this.Spread hummus inside pita.  Fill it with mung sprout curry(should be dry), add chopped salad. And you can pour some salad dressing, yogurt sauce or raita. 

You can also make a salad with sprouts and vegetables and have it with pita chips. I always recommend cooked sprouts. Raw sprouts might cause digestion problems and gas. 

Makes a nice filling , nutritious, easy breezy summer lunch.

If you like justlunchideas’s ideas, share with friends and family. Good things are to be shared, not to keep hidden. That way we know if it’s good , bad or needs improvement. If I keep saying am a good cook, but no one ever tasted my food, then  what’s the point? 

Share your food, recipes unless  you are  a chef and your signature recipes make your living. There’s a phrase in my mother tongue Gujarati ” Bataku rotlo khava karta khavravyo meetho lage” meaning “Piece of bread is sweeter when fed to someone than just eating yourself.”

Enjoy !

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