Eating Ritual

Sometimes idea doesn’t go away from your head and it keeps coming back meaning you got to do it. This post is such an idea that keeps coming back to me and I keep thinking I have already posted it.  May be I need to hear this again or it’s  been never posted.

Have you ever noticed that you have fond memory of some food that how wonderful it tasted and you could never recreate it? Most of the times , it will be because you were in a great company and you were  having so much fun while eating. Obviously, you cannot recreate same experience. We all know when we are so hungry or thirsty, food or water will taste so sweet.

Alright, so based on this observation, have you ever thought what happens when you eat while watching tv, playing games etc?? All emotions those shows and game throws at us, will have to be digested and we end up associating food with emotions not knowingly. And also you won’t know what you are eating, how much , won’t chew  and will end up dissatisfied and later will need ice team, cookies etc. And those dinner table arguments, fights….

So what should be ritual then?

  • Of course wash hands.
  • Turn off tv, games, computer and keep phones away unless its an emergency call. This is another thing.lot of ppl are chatting over phone while eating like they are busier than president.
  • Take less food in the plate and chew it well. Each bite 40 times. Enjoy your food . You can always take more food as needed. Someone recently had mentioned that he used to always make 2 sandwiches but then he started fixing 1 and then if he was still hungry, he will fix another and he lost weight just by doing that.
  • Eat quietly, peacefully . 
  • When done, rinse your mouth with water. In India, ppl swish around water for a minute before gulping. 
  • Thank the cook .:) And be respectful towards food . Everyone likes their food different way and makes it different way. 
  • Burp!!! Walking 1000 steps after meal will give you burp. 
  • And yes, eating little less than hunger helps with digestion.
  • Enjoy !!!

PS: picture is of almond I soaked overnight to eat. Good for brain. 

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