Buckwheat Noodles

One of the thing I enjoy is roaming around international aisles in Asian stores .( Did you say no brainer ? )They will have lot of things that I never had before. On my last trip, I saw buckwheat noodles. I didn’t waste anytime thinking and picked them up. Tried them today and I liked them. Package says its buckwheat with yam and also contains wheat. And yes, seems it’s popular in Japan and called soba noodles there. Soba meaning buckwheat.

I made them with the same chili Garlic and soya sauce I have been using lately . Added  vegetables like carrot, bean sprouts my new favorite, onion, colored peppers , spinach and Tofu. It made a good lunch to take to work. And of course , I told everyone at work  abt new finding so they can try too.

Lunch is packed in glass container. I don’t use plastic if I have to reheat my food in microwave at work.


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