Break the routine

It’s good to break the routine now and then . Isn’t it? Sometimes we become so used of routine that anything new that comes our way , throws us off big time . And fear creeps in, something that you so want to do it but you end up with all the excuses that why you  can’t do it. You convince yourself . Instead of saying why you can’t do it, or I will do if so and so and so works (btw which never gonna happen )we need to ask ourselves … 

How can I do this? What all I will have to do make it work ? This way you start working in the direction of manifesting it. 

If you want to break the routine , here’s some ideas.Remeber , this is for yourself and don’t try to force on others. 

  • If you eat almost same kind of food every day, try all new food. Sometimes ppl get into too much healthy food and feel guilty of eating a piece of cake or pass it on. Then go have a piece of unhealthy food and just enjoy.(not if you have health issue , allergy with certain food) 
  • Take a new route to work.
  • Try new kind of workout. Go hike in mountains or any greenway. It’s so much fun. 
  • Most of adults have weekday routine. Summer time, days are long and so you can do things after work. Try something new . Even just grocery shopping and then you will have free time on weekend.
  • If you are not good at planning, arranging new things, when someone comes up with ideas, say “yes” and go with it. I always come up with all ideas, but then I have friends and even coworkers who will support . And sometimes everyone just says no but it’s ok.Not all ideas work.
  • Visit a new grocery store. Try some international , Asian  , farmer markets.
  • Make new friends. When did you make a new friend last? 
  • Have a fear of driving to new place? I see this often mainly in us who came from other country. I had no choice but to drive to all places and I used to get lost all the time pre -gps time and still do. I didn’t know how to read map, how exits are located . When first I started driving in mountain area, I learned most of the phones don’t work so I switched to Verizon b/c it worked in mountain area. I felt it was expensive but peace of mind is imp. Then I will print direction both ways , if gps doesn’t work. Even if I don’t find my place then it’s ok . Just come back home. Who cares ? So go drive to a new place . It’s liberating .

Am sure you got the idea if you want to break free. If not, be happy with your routine. My teacher always says this which I love : There are 3 choices when it comes to right and wrong . Right , wrong or be happy. So I choose to be happy. How abt you???


Mung Sprouts Pita Sandwich 

Sprouts are very nutritious and tasty too. Mung sprouts curry I make is very popular among lot of my friends and some of them even learned to make it. If you have some left over and want to eat some new way , this turned out good. Everyone should learn how to sprout I believe. It’s so easy and fun.

There’s really no recipe for this.Spread hummus inside pita.  Fill it with mung sprout curry(should be dry), add chopped salad. And you can pour some salad dressing, yogurt sauce or raita. 

You can also make a salad with sprouts and vegetables and have it with pita chips. I always recommend cooked sprouts. Raw sprouts might cause digestion problems and gas. 

Makes a nice filling , nutritious, easy breezy summer lunch.

If you like justlunchideas’s ideas, share with friends and family. Good things are to be shared, not to keep hidden. That way we know if it’s good , bad or needs improvement. If I keep saying am a good cook, but no one ever tasted my food, then  what’s the point? 

Share your food, recipes unless  you are  a chef and your signature recipes make your living. There’s a phrase in my mother tongue Gujarati ” Bataku rotlo khava karta khavravyo meetho lage” meaning “Piece of bread is sweeter when fed to someone than just eating yourself.”

Enjoy !

Every day is a yoga day

Yoga meaning unity. Whole world is always in yoga whether we like it or not. In the name of yoga, we separate things. Isn’t it? Like they say, borders are man maid, no matter what kind of border it is. 

One can fall in yog cooking , walking , working at computer , lab … Doesn’t matter.

 Be in yog where ever you are and whatever you are doing. And life will become easy.

Enjoy !

Zucchini Coriander Vadi

Ideas are useless things unless you put them into practice , do something with them. Isn’t it? It’s like you consider yourself very talented, intelligent or rich etc but never do anything with them. All wasted. I have learned to implement my ideas and see if it works or not and then improve on them. Step by step. 

Couldn’t wait to share this idea with you all , since I loved this steamed zucchini triangles. Don’t know what to call it but it is based on Maharashtrian Coriander Vadi. Chickpea flour is high in protein and gluten free which we all know. But I was surprised that it has 21 gram of protein per cup. That’s pretty good amt.Alright here’s how I made it.

  • Shred some zucchini or yellow squash. Add chopped coriander or methi leaves or chopped spinach. 
  • Add chickpea flour, ginger-green chili paste, yogurt,turmeric powder, cumin seeds, salt and water. Make semi solid batter. 
  • Steam it for 12-15 mins.
  • Do a seasoning of mustard seeds, sesame seeds . Control oil amt here. You just need little .
  • That’s it. Good snack or breakfast if you like to eat something spicy, hot.
  • And it’s instant which I love. No pre -planning or fermentation needed.
  • Enjoy !

Eating Ritual

Sometimes idea doesn’t go away from your head and it keeps coming back meaning you got to do it. This post is such an idea that keeps coming back to me and I keep thinking I have already posted it.  May be I need to hear this again or it’s  been never posted.

Have you ever noticed that you have fond memory of some food that how wonderful it tasted and you could never recreate it? Most of the times , it will be because you were in a great company and you were  having so much fun while eating. Obviously, you cannot recreate same experience. We all know when we are so hungry or thirsty, food or water will taste so sweet.

Alright, so based on this observation, have you ever thought what happens when you eat while watching tv, playing games etc?? All emotions those shows and game throws at us, will have to be digested and we end up associating food with emotions not knowingly. And also you won’t know what you are eating, how much , won’t chew  and will end up dissatisfied and later will need ice team, cookies etc. And those dinner table arguments, fights….

So what should be ritual then?

  • Of course wash hands.
  • Turn off tv, games, computer and keep phones away unless its an emergency call. This is another thing.lot of ppl are chatting over phone while eating like they are busier than president.
  • Take less food in the plate and chew it well. Each bite 40 times. Enjoy your food . You can always take more food as needed. Someone recently had mentioned that he used to always make 2 sandwiches but then he started fixing 1 and then if he was still hungry, he will fix another and he lost weight just by doing that.
  • Eat quietly, peacefully . 
  • When done, rinse your mouth with water. In India, ppl swish around water for a minute before gulping. 
  • Thank the cook .:) And be respectful towards food . Everyone likes their food different way and makes it different way. 
  • Burp!!! Walking 1000 steps after meal will give you burp. 
  • And yes, eating little less than hunger helps with digestion.
  • Enjoy !!!

PS: picture is of almond I soaked overnight to eat. Good for brain.