Detox Chutney 

There are lot of detox drink recipes coming up now a days with greens. Have you ever thought abt it that they are our age old chutney ingredients?All parsley, cilantro , mint etc is good for liver. We can just enjoy out chutneys as part of diet and get benefits.

Basic chutney recipe is: cilantro leaves, mint leaves , Dalia, ginger-garlic-green chili, lemon juice and salt. Blend it with as little water as possible . 

For variation add parsley(strong flavor), curry leaves whatever u have. You can add peanuts , almonds or cashew too . Instead of lemon, use tomato for sourness. My grandma on mom’s side was expert in chutney making and I had seen her doing all these variations. She liked her meal with chutney on the side to lick.:)

Spread it on sandwich or as a side dish with Indian meal. Or find your own way.

And yes, make it fresh and eat it up. In India, it’s always made last at the time of having meal and just enough for that meal. No storing. 


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