Detox Chutney 

There are lot of detox drink recipes coming up now a days with greens. Have you ever thought abt it that they are our age old chutney ingredients?All parsley, cilantro , mint etc is good for liver. We can just enjoy out chutneys as part of diet and get benefits.

Basic chutney recipe is: cilantro leaves, mint leaves , Dalia, ginger-garlic-green chili, lemon juice and salt. Blend it with as little water as possible . 

For variation add parsley(strong flavor), curry leaves whatever u have. You can add peanuts , almonds or cashew too . Instead of lemon, use tomato for sourness. My grandma on mom’s side was expert in chutney making and I had seen her doing all these variations. She liked her meal with chutney on the side to lick.:)

Spread it on sandwich or as a side dish with Indian meal. Or find your own way.

And yes, make it fresh and eat it up. In India, it’s always made last at the time of having meal and just enough for that meal. No storing. 


Chana Masala Sandwich 

What to eat, make everyday is a problem for many. Or not when you just keep eating same thing. Good breakfast is another concern. Chana masala sandwich is good when you have left over since it will give protein and is filling. Use good quality wholesome bread.

  • Make sure Chana masala is thick and there shouldn’t be all gravy else it will make it soggy.
  • You can also add some onion or cheese if you like.
  • For uninitiated, you can make spicy chickpeas filling. Sauté some onion, tomatoes. Add curry powder , any spices you like , throw boiled chickpeas. And mash the mixture little bit. Filling is ready.
  • Make sandwiches anyway you like.
  • Little fresh grapefruit juice (1 grapefruit made only that much juice )and you are good to go. Acidic fruit helps to digest food.
  • Enjoy!

Ayurveda On Water

Everyone knows how imp is to drink water and kidney needs water to filter out all toxins. Most of the people think they drink plenty of water but experiment 1 day and measure how much water you drank. How much one needs varies depending on your activity , life style. So figure out how much you should be drinking (Google to find out how much. Lot of websites with good guidance)and see if you really drank enough. Our bodies are around 70% water and earth is also 70% water. Yes, I did measure today and was little short than where I would like to be.
Am asked many times abt drinking water during meal. So here’s what Ayurveda recommends and its working for me.

  • Drink a glass of water 30 mins before meal.
  • Chew your food well. Food is mainly water too so if you chew well then you won’t feel the need to drink water but if you have to, then drink.
  • Drink a glass after 1 hr of meal. It’s ok to drink little after meal to clean mouth.
  • And don’t forget to drink water first thing in the morning.
  • So teach kids too by example. I see lot of kids don’t drink water at all. 

Hope this helps! 

Enjoy water and you will feel, look  better too !

Pineapple Fried Quinoa 

As I mentioned last time, I did try pineapple fried quinoa. Exactly same way but I ran out of fresh pineapple. Oops. I did use all veggies, coconut oil, soya sauce and chili garlic sauce.

Quinoa is rich in protein and good iron too which is always good for vegetarians. Makes a good lunch to take to work or for school kids too. Easy to eat and got all good things in it. Or a very good option for breakfast too.

Enjoy ! (While I go out to buy some fresh pineapple on sale.)

Pineapple Fried Rice

If you have never tried fresh pineapple , don’t know what to say. It’s available everywhere here but have seen many who never had fresh one. After buying I leave it on counter top. When it’s ripe, it will have nice divine smell like of course pineapple.

Use fresh pineapple for this else don’t bother .Recipe is too simple just like any fried rice.

  • Cook rice with little salt. I used basmati rice but brown rice will taste good too.
  • Chop vegetables,pineapple and keep it ready. I used green peas, onion, baby corn, mushroom, colored peppers, broccoli. And bean sprouts ,I bought for the 1st time. They gave nice crunch hence I would highly recommend.
  • Heat coconut oil. Sauté vegetables, pineapple. Add soya sauce and sriracha or any hot sauce. Mix cooked rice.
  • Garnish with roasted cashews and green onion. I added raw cashews with vegetables only.
  • It’s really yummy and makes a good meal.  I will try with quinoa next time.
  • Pineapple helps with digestion so it’s good to eat after meal.
  • Enjoy !